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;;; idec-answers.el --- This file part of GNU Emacs client for IDEC network
;; Copyright (c) 2017 Denis Zheleztsov
;; Author: Denis Zheleztsov <>
;; Keywords: lisp,network,IDEC
;; Version: 0.1
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;; In active developent.
;; Fetched node must be support modern IDEC extensions like /list.txt, /x/c, etc.
;;; Code:
(require 'idec)
(require 'web)
(defun replace-in-string (what with str)
"Replace WHAT WITH in STR."
(replace-regexp-in-string (regexp-quote what) with str nil 'literal))
(defun base64-to-base64url (str)
"Make url safe base64 string STR."
(when (string-match (regexp-quote "=") str)
(and (base64-to-base64url (replace-regexp-in-string "=+$" "" str))))
(when (string-match (regexp-quote "+") str)
(and (base64-to-base64url (replace-in-string "+" "-" str))))
(when (string-match (regexp-quote "/") str)
(and (base64-to-base64url (replace-in-string "/" "_" str))))
(defun base64url-to-base64 (str)
"Make base64 from urlsafe STR."
(when (string-match (regexp-quote "-") str)
(and (base64url-to-base64 (replace-in-string "-" "+" str))))
(when (string-match (regexp-quote "_") str)
(and (base64url-to-base64 (replace-in-string "_" "/" str))))
(defun base64url-encode-string (str)
"Decode base64 urlsafe string STR."
(message (concat "Base64url: " (base64-to-base64url (base64-encode-string str t))))
(base64-to-base64url (base64-encode-string str nil)))
(defun base64url-decode-string (str)
"Encode base64 urlsafe string STR."
(base64-decode-string (base64url-to-base64 str)))
(defun point-url ()
"Return url with `idec-primary-node' to send messages."
(concat idec-primary-node "u/point"))
(defun request-is-done ()
"Show message."
(message "IDEC: Message sended."))
(defun do-post-request (url msg)
"Make POST request to URL with data MSG."
(message (gethash 'tmsg msg))
(lambda (con header data)
:url url
:data msg
;; (request
;; url
;; :type "POST"
;; :data '(("pauth" . (gethash "path" msg)) ("tmsg" . (gethash "tmsg" msg)))
;; ;; :headers '(("Content-Type" . "application/json"))
;; ;; :parser 'json-read
;; :success (function*
;; (lambda (&key data &allow-other-keys)
;; (message "I sent: %S" (assoc-default 'json data)))))
(defun post-message (encoded-message)
"Do POST request to `idec-primary-node' with Base64 ENCODED-MESSAGE."
;; (message (base64url-decode-string encoded-message))
(let (json)
(setq json (make-hash-table :test 'equal))
(puthash 'pauth idec-account-auth json)
(puthash 'tmsg encoded-message json)
(do-post-request (point-url) json))
;; (message (base64url-decode-string encoded-message))
(message "Message sended"))
(defun send-new-message (echo)
"Send new message to ECHO."
(switch-to-buffer (concat "*IDEC: New message to echo " echo "*"))
(let ((msg (make-hash-table :test 'equal)))
(puthash "body"
(s-join "\n" (-drop-last 1 (-drop 4 (split-string (buffer-string) "\n"))))
(puthash "subj"
(nth 1 (split-string (nth 2 (split-string (buffer-string) "\n")) "bj: "))
(puthash "echo" echo msg)
(do-send-new-post-request msg)))
(defun do-send-new-post-request (msg)
"Make IDEC compatible point message MSG and send it to `idec-primary-node'."
(let (point-message)
(setq point-message (list
(gethash "echo" msg)
(gethash "subj" msg)
(concat (gethash "body" msg) (idec-answers-insert-signature))))
;; Encode message in Base64
(post-message (base64url-encode-string (s-join "\n" point-message)))))
(defun do-send-reply-post-request (message)
"Make IDEC compatible point MESSAGE and send it to `idec-primary-node'."
(let (point-message)
(setq point-message (list
(gethash "echo" message)
(gethash "author" message)
(gethash "subj" message)
(concat "@repto:" (gethash "id" message))
(concat (gethash "body" message) (idec-answers-insert-signature))))
;; Encode message in Base64
(post-message (base64url-encode-string (encode-coding-string (s-join "\n" point-message) 'utf-8)))
(kill-buffer (concat "*IDEC: answer to " (gethash "id" message) "*"))))
(defun send-reply-message (msg)
"Send message MSG to `idec-primary-node'."
(switch-to-buffer (concat "*IDEC: answer to " (gethash "id" msg) "*"))
(puthash "body"
(s-join "\n" (-drop-last 1 (-drop 4 (split-string (buffer-string) "\n"))))
(do-send-reply-post-request msg))
(defun get-answers-hash (id msg-hash)
"Make answers hashtable from ID and MSG-HASH."
(if (gethash "content" msg-hash)
(let (answer-hash)
(setq answer-hash (make-hash-table :test 'equal))
(puthash "id" id answer-hash)
(puthash "echo" (get-message-field (gethash "content" msg-hash) "echo") answer-hash)
(puthash "author" (get-message-field (gethash "content" msg-hash) "author") answer-hash)
(puthash "time" (get-message-field (gethash "content" msg-hash) "time") answer-hash)
(setq subj (get-message-field (gethash "content" msg-hash) "subj"))
;; Make `Re:' in subj if it not present.
(if (not (string-match "Re:" subj))
(puthash "subj" (concat "Re: " subj) answer-hash)
(puthash "subj" subj answer-hash))
(let (subj)
(setq subj (gethash "subj" msg-hash))
;; Make `Re:' in subj if it not present.
(if (not subj)
(puthash "subj" (concat "Re: " "") msg-hash)
(if (not (string-match "Re:" subj))
(puthash "subj" (concat "Re: " subj) msg-hash)))
(defun make-answer-header (id msg-hash)
"Make header with reto to ID from MSG-HASH."
(let (answer-hash subj p)
(setq answer-hash (get-answers-hash id msg-hash))
(concat "Answer to " id " in " (gethash "echo" answer-hash) "\n")
(concat "Author: "
(gethash "author" answer-hash)
(concat " at " (gethash "time" answer-hash))
(concat "Subj: " (gethash "subj" answer-hash) "\n")
"------- YOU MESSAGE BELLOW -------\n")))
(defun edit-answer-without-quote (id msg-hash)
"Answer to message with ID MSG-HASH."
(let (answer-hash p)
(setq answer-hash (get-answers-hash id msg-hash))
(switch-to-buffer (get-buffer-create (concat "*IDEC: answer to " id "*")))
(insert (make-answer-header id msg-hash))
(add-text-properties (point) (point-min) 'read-only)
(setq p (point))
(insert "\n")
(insert-text-button "[Send]"
'action (lambda (x) (send-reply-message (button-get x 'msg)))
'msg answer-hash)
(goto-char p)
(defun idec-answers-insert-signature ()
"Add signature to the message."
(if idec-attach-message-signature
(concat "\n\n" "// " idec-message-signature)
(defun idec-answers-get-author-for-quote (author)
;; Parse author
(if (string-match ".* .*" author)
(nth 1 (s-split "" (nth 0 (s-split " " author))))
(nth 1 (s-split "" (nth 1 (s-split " " author)))))
(defun idec-answers-insert-quote (head tail author)
"Recursive function for inserting quoted body text;
receive string HEAD, list TAIL and original message AUTHOR."
(message "Quote insert %S" author)
(when (not (string-match "^$" head))
(insert author)
(insert "> "))
(insert (replace-in-string "\r" "" head)) (insert "\n")
(when (> (length tail) 0)
(idec-answers-insert-quote (car tail) (cdr tail) author)))
(defun idec-answers-edit-answer-with-quote (id msg-hash)
"Answer to message with quoted body with ID, MSG-HASH and BODY."
(let (answer-hash p author)
(setq answer-hash (get-answers-hash id msg-hash))
(switch-to-buffer (get-buffer-create (concat "*IDEC: answer to " id "*")))
;; Answer message header
(insert (make-answer-header id msg-hash))
(add-text-properties (point) (point-min) 'read-only)
;; Quote
(car (get-message-field (gethash "content" msg-hash) "body"))
(cdr (get-message-field (gethash "content" msg-hash) "body"))
(idec-answers-get-author-for-quote (get-message-field (gethash "content" msg-hash) "author")))
(setq p (- (point) 1))
;; [Send] button
(setq start (point))
(insert-button "[Send]"
'action (lambda (x) (send-reply-message (button-get x 'msg)))
'msg answer-hash)
(goto-char p))
(defun make-new-message-header (echo)
"Return header for new message with filled ECHO field."
(concat "New message to echo " echo "\n")
"Subj: \n"
"------- YOU MESSAGE BELLOW -------\n"))
(defun edit-new-message (echo)
"Edit new message to ECHO."
(switch-to-buffer (get-buffer-create (concat "*IDEC: New message to echo " echo "*")))
(let (p)
(insert (make-new-message-header echo))
(setq p (point))
(insert "\n")
(insert-text-button "[Send]"
'action (lambda (x) (send-new-message (button-get x 'msg-echo)))
'msg-echo echo)
(goto-char p))
(provide 'idec-answers)
;;; idec-answers.el ends here